Carefree Drive

Interior + Exterior Car Detailing

Total Car Detail

A detail of the interior & exterior of your vehicle

A Total Detail is a thorough clean that gets into all those hard to get in place (nooks and crannies), removes interior dirt, dust & grime, leaving the vehicle looking, feeling & smelling great. Removes dirt, dust, grime & minor scratches, from exterior of vehicle, leaving it with a professional shine.

We are fully insured to work on and drive your vehicle.


Service Includes



  • Thorough Clean Car Body

  • Removal of Bugs, Tar & Environmental Residue

  • Door Jambs Cleaned

  • Wheel Clean

  • Microfibre towel dried

  • Clay bar if needed

  • Superior Polish Entire Car Body

  • Superior Waxing of Car Body

  • Windows Cleaned

  • Mirrors Cleaned

  • Windscreen Clean

  • Plastics Conditioning

  • Rubber Conditioning



Vacuum - Thoroughly
  • Seats

  • Floors

  • Mats

  • Boot including tyre area

Clean - Thoroughly
  • Interior

  • Dashboard

  • Instrumental Panels

  • Centre-console

  • Cupholders

  • Roof Lining wiped over

  • Doors

  • Door Jambs

  • Interior Window Clean

Steam Clean
  • Chairs

  • Floors

  • Mats

  • Vents

  • Seats Cleaned with specialised leather cleaner.

  • Leather Balm applied to leather.

  • Windows Cleaned

  • Mirrors Cleaned

  • Windscreen Clean

  • Plastics Conditioning

  • Rubber Conditioning

Service Options



We pick up from home, work or train station & return clean.


Free pick-up within a 15km radius or a 15min travel time of Stafford or Lawnton


You can drop off at our Lawnton workshop from any suburb in Brisbane.

Please note: We do not have a customer waiting area.

Prices & Sizes

 Small Size Vehicle 

 Medium Size Vehicle 

 Large Size Vehicle 

 XLarge Size Vehicle 

Things to keep in mind:

Online bookings - 24 hrs in advance only.  Same day bookings phone/text Patricia on 0447067715.

Extra Charges - Extra charges may apply if the vehicle has mud, red dirt, bugs, bird droppings, animal hair - from $20, Urine/Vomit - from $100, sticky substance, stains, etc

Personal Items - Items are removed during clean, items unseen may be vacuumed, we are not liable for missing items, please remove before service to prevent loss.

Seat Covers - we do not remove seat covers, if cleaning of seats is required please remove them before service.

Roof Racks- are not removed, if you require roof polished, please remove before service.

Baby Seats - are not removed, every effort is made to clean around seats. Baby Seat Clean - $25.00

Booking your Service

Book online via the book now button below, phone/text 0447067715, or email your preferred day & time.