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Total Detail

A Total Detail is a thorough clean that gets into all those hard to get in place (nooks and crannies), removes interior dirt, dust & grime, leaving the vehicle looking, feeling & smelling great. Removes dirt, dust, grime & minor scratches, from exterior of vehicle, leaving it with a professional shine.



  • Thorough Vacuum Seats - Fabric/Vinyl/Leather

  • Thorough Vacuum Floors - Carpet/Vinyl 

  • Thorough Boot Vacuumed including tyre area.

  • Thorough Interior Detail

  • Thorough Steam Clean/Shampoo -Fabric or Vinyl

  • Mats Steam Cleaned

  • Roof Lining Cleaned

  • Thorough Interior Plastic Sheen

  • Doors & Boot Jambs Cleaned

  • Interior Window & Mirror Clean

  • Deodorise


  • Thorough Exterior Clean 

  • including bug & tar removal

  • Thorough Wheel Clean

  • Micro Fibre Towel Dry - Car Body

  • Superior Exterior Polish

  • Superior Exterior Wax

  • Exterior Mirrors Cleaned

  • Conditioner Applied - Plastics & Rubbers

  • Liquid Tyre Dressing


Small Size Vehicle

Medium Size Vehicle

Large Size Vehicle