Total Car Clean

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Onsite service available - water, electricity & shade must accessible.


Total Car Clean

Our Total Clean helps to manage odours, bacteria & dirt inside and cleans the car wash cleans the outside to help maintain the paint on the exterior of your car.



  • Vacuum Seats - Fabric/Vinyl/Leather

  • Vacuum Floors - Carpet/Vinyl 

  • Boot Vacuumed if needed

  • Interior Wipe Over 

  • Interior Window & Mirror Clean

  • Deodorise

  • Interior Plastic Sheen


  • Wipe Over Door Jambs

  • Hand Wash Car Body

  • Micro Fibre Towel Dry - Car Body

  • Wheel & Tyre Wash

  • Express Tyre Shine

  • Exterior Window/Mirror Clean


Small Size Vehicle

Medium Size Vehicle

Large Size Vehicle