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The not so fun stuff, but necessary!

By opening the Mr Valet website and/or accepting services from Mr Valet you accept the following Terms and Conditions:




  1. These Conditions apply to this website and to each service that Mr Valet ABN 57930160741 carries out. These Conditions do not apply for which there are separate terms and conditions specific to products that are used by Mr Valet services.

  2. Your acceptance of services from us means you agree to pay all fees payable for Mr Valet services and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Any variations will only be valid if our authorized representative gives you written confirmation that the variation is accepted. 

  3. All Mobile services booked with Mr Valet, customers agree they must provide water, electricity, and hose at their own cost.  If these items are not provided services may not be able to be completed and will incur charges as per item 6 under heading PRICES, CHARGES AND PAYMENT.

  4. Mr Valet reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time. 

  5. Mr Valet staff are either employed by Mr Valet's Business. 

  6. If users have any queries or comments about Mr Valet website, they should contact us via the contact details listed on the website.




We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, EFTPOS, cash & PayPal option is available. We do not accept cheques. 


  1. Payment for all services must be paid before the commencement of service or immediately after service.

  2. Even though our staff perform services to your vehicle to the highest standard, the customer acknowledges that outcomes may vary depending on the age of the vehicle, quality of the paint on the vehicle, the wear & cleanliness of the inside & outside of the vehicle.   You agree to pay in full the amount specified on the Mr Valet website and/or any invoice rendered by us for services rendered to you before service commences unless we agree otherwise in writing. 

  3. If you book a service and do not cancel service within 1 hr of service time, then a $50 fee will be charged accordingly, If you have already paid for the service, no refund will be given. You will receive a voucher and you can re-book a service to the value on the voucher at another time.  

  4. Payments made by direct deposit must be deposited in our bank insufficient time for payment to clear before service commences. If payment is not received from your bank for any reason, service may be delayed until payment has cleared, unless an alternate agreement in writing has been made directly with the office of Mr Valet Mobile Car Detailing.

  5. If payment by direct deposit has been received & you don't have the vehicle available for service booked, money cannot be refunded. A voucher for the service will be sent or emailed to you and you can rebook your service at another time unless an alternate agreement in witting has been made directly with the office of Mr Valet Mobile Car Detailing.

  6. Customer agrees if Mobile service Items required are not provided they will pay for service in full and if the customer has already been paid for the service a refund will not be given. A voucher will be mailed or emailed to the customer.




  1. Please note that our intention is always to book your service in the quickest possible time that suits your needs, but there may be extenuating circumstances that hinder our service staff arriving at your location on time or if at all. If our service staff is late or cannot make your appointment for any unforeseen circumstance, we will endeavour to rebook your service to the best possible time available. 




  1. You acknowledge that personal information concerning you collected or held by us may be used for a variety of purposes including to supply services that you have booked, to administer your account and to enforce this contract; and for marketing purposes which may include disclosure of your information to other members of Mr Valet Mobile Car Detailing.

  2. You also agree that if you provide us with personal information about any other individual, you will ensure that the individual is aware: that you have supplied their personal information to us and the reason.

  3. If you fail to provide any information requested by us, we may be unable to perform the services that you have requested. 

  4. In most circumstances, you have a right to access any personal information which we collect and hold about you and to have it corrected if it is wrong. 

  5. You consent to us sharing your personal information with other mrvalet.com.au group companies including those overseas and with our service staff who may be located overseas. 

  6. We do not share your details with any third party. Your email address will be added to our online &/or computer database where you may receive monthly alerts about Mr Valet services, specials, news specific to our website and online marketing. If you do not want to receive these, please unsubscribe after the first email. 




Mr Valet will abide by its obligations pursuant to the Australian Consumer Law, and these terms and conditions should not be taken to limit those obligations.


  1. Even though all care is taken when Mr Valet's staff are driving a customers vehicle, the customer agrees, other than as provided for in the Australian Consumer Law, Mr Valet expressly disclaims liability for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever which is suffered or sustained in connection with your participation in or making available your vehicle for the provision of Mr Valet's car detailing and car wash services.

  2. The products used by Mr Valet, warranty and liability depends on the individual product manufacturer. 

  3. You are liable to pay in full the price of any services performed on your vehicle before service is commenced. If you fail to pay for services at time of service, you will be invoiced and be required to pay for service in full. 

  4. To ensure that your property is kept safe please remove all valuables from your vehicle prior to leaving your vehicle with any of Mr Valet staff members.

  5. Mr Valet social media pages may not be used to publish content that is illegal, defamatory, offensive or harassing in nature. Uploaded content must not violate copyright laws or solicit for customers.

  6. Every effort is made to keep all information on the website accurate and current. However, content on the site is provided for informational purposes and users are liable for any consequences resulting from its use.

  7. You indemnify members of Mr Valet against any liability, injury, loss or damage which may be suffered, incurred or sustained arising out of, relating to, or in any way connected with, any act or omission (including negligence) by You, your vehicle or Your breach of these terms and conditions.

  8. Mr Valet is insured to drive a customer's vehicle and if an accident is the fault of a staff member of Mr Valet Mobile Car Detailing. However the customer agrees that they have the responsibility of making sure that their car is properly insured, in the event of an accident occurring where it is not the fault of the Mr Valet Mobile Car Detailing Driver than the customer is responsible for any cost arising from that accident including any excesses that is imposed by the customers insurance company. If the customers have not insured their vehicle in a manner to cover the cost of the accident Mr Valet Mobile Car Detailing is not liable for any out of pocket expense regarding the accident to the customer.

  9. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your service please contact 0447067715 as soon as possible, contact with us must be made with 36hrs of have your service completed. We will endeavour to do everything in our power to rectify the situation in a timely manner, your car will need to be available for us to rectify the issues, within a 72 hour period time frame.




  1. The Mr Valet website includes links to other business websites you may be interested in. These links are given only to help provide quick access to business you may be interested in.

  2. We do not pay or are paid for these links being on our website and we do not generate any payment from any business you may do with linked business

  3. Mr Valet accepts no responsibility for the content, products or services provided by any of these linked business websites.

  4. By accessing these you will be subject to their Terms and Conditions and specifically acknowledge that Mr Valet is not liable for the defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of other users, links or third parties.

  5. If other businesses would like their link made available on our website please email info@mrvalet.com.au .

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