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pre-sale detail


We pick up & drop off, from your home, work or train station & return.

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Pre-sale detail

Our Pre-Sale Detail prepares your for sale, helping you spruce your car up to get the best possible price.

Service Includes​​:


  • Thorough Vacuum Seats -Fabric/Vinyl/Leather

  • Thorough Vacuum Floors - Carpet/Vinyl 

  • Boot  Thoroughly Vacuumed

  • Thorough Interior Clean 

  • Thorough Seat Steam Clean

  • Roof lining Cleaned

  • Interior Mirrors Cleaned

  • Deodoriser Applied

  • Thorough Interior Plastic Sheen

  • Door Jambs Cleaned

  • Boot Jambs Cleaned

  • Interior Window & Mirror Clean


  • Thorough Exterior Clean 

  • including bug removal

  • Tar Removal

  • Engine Clean

  • Thorough Wheel Clean

  • Micro Fibre Towel Dry - Car Body

  • Clay Bar or Renovator if needed

  • Superior Exterior Polish

  • Superior Exterior Wax

  • Exterior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned

  • Conditioner Applied - Plastics & Rubbers

  • Liquid Tyre Dressing


  • Tyre Shine


  • Small Car - $ 310

  • Medium Car - $350

  • Large Car - $ 390

  • XLarge Car - $ 430

Add & Save

Add either of these services to the service above and save. 

Leather Balm

Service Includes:

  • Clean & Leather Balm of all Leather seats.




Service Includes:

  • Specialised Deodorising run through the airconditioner


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Please Note : Prices stated are fixed unless on arriving vehicle is not the same category as described and if vehicles contain human or animal bodily fluids, animal hair, sticky substances, staining, heavy mud, red dirt etc, that will not come out with a normal service, if in doubt please contact us.

Bookings: Online bookings need to be made 24 hours in advance. For same day booking please contact Patricia - 0447067715.

Personal Items: We do remove your items during clean, however, some items may not be seen and maybe vacuumed up, we are not liable for missing valuables, so please remove them from the vehicle before the commencement of service to prevent loss. Thank you.

Car Accessories: Seat covers will not be removed during service, if cleaning of seats is required, please remove before cleaning starts. Roof Racks: are not removed, if you require under roof rack polished, please arrange removal of the roof rack before service. Baby Seats are not removed during service, Every effort is made to clean around & under seat.


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