Frequently asked questions

Why Choose Mr Valet over doing the job yourself?

Today everybody is very busy, time is extremely precious. With Mr Valet Mobile detailing we offer a mobile home service or a Mobile pick up service. We take the time that you may not have to thoughrly do the service requested and return your car to you all finished, you just hop in and drive. Our services save you precious time you can spend doing things that are more important to you, your family & friends.

Why does Mr Valet Hand Wash Vehicles?

Hand Wash The best car wash is a hand wash, it allows the surface of the car to get a thorough wash. Removving the dirt, dust & grime. Hand washing allows us to wipe off excess water with a high quality shammy or Micro Fibre Closth after the rinse. This stops the water evaporating on the car which in turn stops dirt & minerals being left on the cars surface. Hand washing also allows us to hand polish all windows and windscreens for a clear finish.

Why does Mr Valet charge extra for Leather?

We use a special specific leather cleaner, which is recommended when cleaning leather.

Why Clean the interior of your car?

Having the interior of your car cleaned removes dirt & grime, keeping the interior smelling better and looking good. Keeps surfaces free of dust keeping away bacteria which may build up over time helping to remove bad odours.

Why clean the exterior of your car?

An exterior clean removes any dirt & dust on the car. It helps to keep the paint in good condition. Windscreen is clear of bugs which helps with visibility.

Keep it Clean

Keep your car in tip-top condition by having us clean your car regularly.

Choose to have your car cleaned weekly, fortnightly, or monthly or at a regular time of your choosing.

Affordable pricing ranges. 

Contact us to get the best price.

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Mr Valet Mobile Car Detailing

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