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We are in the process of integrating zip into our website, if you already have a zip account you can pay via zip by contacting Mr Valet's Office on 0447067715 or email:

Car Assessories

Seat covers will not be removed during service, if cleaning of seats is required, please remove before cleaning starts. 

Roof Racks: are not removed, if you require under roof rack polished, please arrange removal of the roof rack before service. 

Baby Seats are not removed during service, Every effort is made to clean around & under seat.


Online bookings need to be made 24 hours in advance. For same day booking please contact Patricia - 0447067715.

Extra Charges

Extra charges will apply if vehicles are extremely dirty. eg:

  • Heavy mud & Red Dirt,

  • Bugs, Bird droppings

  • Animal Hair & Urine

  • Sticky Substances,

  • Stains etc

Personal Items

We do remove your items during clean however, some items may not be seen and maybe vacuumed up, we are not liable for missing valuables, so please remove them from the vehicle before commencement of service to prevent loss.

Thank you.

Pricing:  Our pricing system is based on Model, Make, Size  & condition of Vehicle.

SMALL- Toyota Yaris, Corolla etc

MEDIUM- Toyota Camry etc.

LARGE - Ford Falcon etc

X-Large - Xtrail etc

Select a Service & Vehicle Size

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